6 – Colonialism (Part 1)

Dan and Morgan talk the roots of Sci-Fi and the influence of Colonialism on the genre. So much white savior narrative, just so, so much.

5 – Season 1, Episodes 3 & 4

Morgan and Dan revisit menstruation and urination in space before they discuss episodes 3 (Remember the Cant) & 4 (CQB) of the first season of The Expanse.

4 – Space Marines

Dan and Morgan discuss the mobile infantry in science fiction, Morgan schools Dan on menstruation, Dan reminds Morgan she’s never been in Zero-G.

3 – Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2

Morgan and Dan discuss the Pilot episode (Dulcinea) and the second episode (The Big Empty) of The Expanse. Going over plot points and character introductions, the hosts describe what they loved and hated in the first episodes.

2 – Grime

Dan and Morgan discuss our dirty, dirty future in space.

Introducing The Expansing!

Woohoo! We’ve published our fan podcast discussing the themes and content of The Expanse. Spoilers ahead! An unfiltered and spoiler-heavy fan podcast of The Expanse, on Amazon Prime, covering not only episodes but it’s major themes and sci-fi roots. Dan...
1 – Futurism?

1 – Futurism?

In the first episode of The Expansing Morgan and Dan discuss the scientific and social accuracy of the future presented in The Expanse and the books the show is based upon.