Welcome to The Expansing Podcast!
An unfiltered and spoiler-heavy fan podcast of The Expanse, on Amazon Prime, covering not only episodes but it’s major themes and sci-fi roots. Dan Winburn and Morgan Wilson bring their creative backgrounds to the forefront in their frank discussions about the coming realities of humans as a space-faring society.

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Daniel Winburn: Are you a fan of Science Fiction? Have you ever been engrossed in a book?

Morgan Wilson: “Any good genre story is a human story.”

D: Do you like dirty jokes?

M: “EW!” [laughs]

D: Then tune in to The Expansing, the newest—

M: “What’s a Gattaca?”

D: —most spoiler filled—

M: “James Holden’s naked man-buns somehow make an appearance.”

D: —and most necessary sci-fi podcast of our age.
“This is pretty extreme.” [laughs]

M: “Let’s do it. Let’s get radical.”

D: Join two creative types who grew up liking sci-fi a little too much—

M: “I feel like Starship Troopers was my first romance novel.”

D: —as we take an irreverent, meandering journey—
“Fantasy. Wrestling. Matchup.”
—through the world of the hit Amazon series, The Expanse.

M: “It’s like a futuristic Garnier commercial.”

D: Along the way, we discuss—

M: “Oh he doesn’t get his nipples licked in the book? That’s so weird.”

D: —and critique—
“You work in space dumbass!”

M: [laughs]

D: —how classic books, movies—
Dune? You’ve never read Dune?”

M: “I’ve never read Dune.”

D: “Oh man.”
—and real world science—

M: “I’m gonna say all periods are bad, start to finish, gravity or no.”

D: —influence the incredible world of The Expanse.

M: “One zero-G maneuver with some twists and turns and it would be a fine slime that would cover every surface.”

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